# 136 Deco Stud S
# 136 Deco Stud S
# 136 Deco Stud S

# 136 Deco Stud S

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"Pimp your ear with a colored stud!"
14k gold stud with tourmaline stone in several colors or forms!

TIP: #84 Letter Hoop Earring

Create your own solid gold collection. Be aware that if you order this product you only pay for a single earring. Mix and match away!

Size & Information
  • The stud is 14K. Solid yellow gold baby colored sapphire stone
  • Only one item
  • Handmade jewelry
  • The #136 has a delivery time of approximately 7 days if it's in stock

All these CAPI jewelry are handmade from high-quality products such as; 14k solid gold and high-quality gems.

If your earring is not available in the color you prefer please let us know! Please send us an email -  info@capijewelry.com. We are happy to make a beautiful earring for you!