Singapore Meets Amsterdam

Based in Singapore and Amsterdam, we offer handmade 14 Karat Solid Gold & Original Gemstone pieces that seamlessly blend classic elegance with bold and eye- catching combinations. Embrace sustainable fashion with our durable and easily mixable golden jewelry, elevating your look and reflecting your unique personality. All jewelry are designed and handmade by Eline.

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Where does your passion for jewelry come from?

Since I was young, I've loved jewelry, especially the beautiful pieces my grandmothers wore.

Their jewelry fascinated me, and I enjoyed mixing it with my own. At 18, I pursued my dream of becoming a goldsmith, a choice that makes me very proud. Every day that I work with jewelry brings me joy.

What do you hope your customers take away from this?

quality is my priority, and I believe everyone should enjoy beautiful jewelry.

What truly excites me is its versatility, you can wear earring pendants on necklaces, stack rings, or showcase each piece individually.

I hope wearing my jewelry makes you feel confident and special, knowing you have something beautiful that offers endless possibilities for mixing and matching, allowing you to express your unique style.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Wander the City!

At CAPI Jewelry, I find inspiration from the lively streets of Singapore and the cozy vibes of Amsterdam.

These cities have so much beauty: cool people, awesome buildings, and green parks. Being outside is when I feel most creative.

My customers inspire me the most; they always have great ideas and share stories that inspire my new designs.