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Born and raised in The Hague, Eline is a real ‘Hagenees’! Proud, determined and extremely forward.

Nosey and forward as she is, Eline was introduced to the wonderful world of jewelry by indulging herself in her grandmother’s jewelry collection. Having fallen in love with all the splendor of jewelry, Eline was determined to make her own someday. About 20 years later Capi Jewelry was born!

 CAPI Jewelry is the result of Eline nailing the Artisan School of Jewelry in Schoonhoven and ending top of the class during her Gemonology course at the HRD Institute in Antwerp.

Not settling for less than the best, internships at Steltman Jewelry and Bodes & Bode allowed Eline to showcase her skills in two of the Netherlands’ most renowned jewelers. After living ‘la vida loca’ in Berlin, where Eline familiarized with working abroad, it was time to spread her wings and realize her dream.

 CAPI Jewelry is a young beautiful brand that has already produced multiple collections consisting of only pure gold and the best gems from India.

Dive into the beautiful website or come say hello at one of the selling points.