CAPI Jewelry by Eline Carriere

Born and raised in the Netherlands, in the city of The Hague, Eline is a real ‘Hagenees’! Proud, determined, and exceptionally driven, our mission is to elevate CAPI Jewelry into a globally recognized brand, serving customers worldwide and crafting timeless pieces that become cherished memories and opportunities for creating meaningful stories.

Eline's journey into the world of jewelry began with her grandmother's cherished gems collection, sparking a deep fascination. She fell in love with the splendor of jewelry and held a dream to create her own. Two decades later, that dream became a reality with the birth of CAPI Jewelry. Eline's path to CAPI Jewelry was marked by dedication. She mastered her craft at the Artisan School of Jewelry in Schoonhoven and excelled in her Gemology course at the HRD Institute in Antwerp. So Eline knows her diamonds and jewelry.

Eager to achieve the best, Eline refined her skills through an internship at renowned Dutch jeweler Steltman Jewelry, and worked for a long time at Bodes & Bode. She also gained international experience in Berlin, expanding her horizons.

CAPI Jewelry is a vibrant, young brand known for crafting collections using pure gold and the finest gemstones from Asia. We prioritize high-quality jewelry that creates beautiful memories and is wearable every day. Whether you wear our charms as earrings, necklace pendants, or mix our rings with your existing pieces, we offer endless possibilities. We encourage mix and matching to empower you to create a unique style of your own.

We invite you to explore our beautiful website or visit our online boutique to discover the world of CAPI Jewelry.

POV: Atelier in Singapore

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