Shipping and Returns

Q: Where can I find information about shipping and returns?

A: Please visit our shipping and returns page for detailed information.

Gold Jewelry Carat Differences

Q: What is the difference between 9k, 14k, and 18k gold jewelry? 

A: Gold jewelry is blended with other metals to increase durability. The carat number indicates the amount of gold present. For instance, 9K has 37.5% gold, while 14K has 58.5%, and 18K has 75%.

Gold Plated Jewelry

Q: Why doesn't Capi Jewelry offer gold plated jewelry?

A: We prioritize quality and sustainability, which is why we avoid gold plated pieces. Instead, we offer 9K, 14K, or 18K gold jewelry that lasts longer without fading or wearing off.

Recycled Gold

Q: Is all the gold in your designs recycled?

A: Yes, almost all of our gold is recycled, and we aim to be as sustainable as possible.

Clarity and Color of the Diamonds

Q: What are the clarity and color of your diamonds?

A: Our diamonds are VS2 in clarity and F/G in color. We try to use as many natural diamonds as possible, but we're noticing more and more people are interested in lab-grown diamonds. If we've used lab-grown diamonds in our designs, we always make sure to clearly mention it in the size & information section.

Ring Size Inquiry

Q: How can I find out my ring size?

A: You can easily determine your ring size using a ring sizer app, or by measuring the inside diameter of a well-fitting ring in millimeters. Please note that Capi Jewelry is not responsible for incorrect ring size orders. These are just helpful tips to assist you.

Ring Resizing

Q: What happens if I order the wrong size for a ring?

A: Contact us at for resizing options. Resizing starts at €50. Please include your order number and desired ring size in the email. Allow up to 14 days for the resizing process.

Resizing Warranty

Q: Is the guarantee valid if I have the resizing done by another goldsmith/jeweler?

A: Our guarantee only applies if resizing is conducted by us, not other goldsmiths or jewelers.

Earrings sold in pairs of single?

Q: Do you sell your earrings as singles or pairs?

A: At Capi Jewelry, we're all about mixing and matching, so most of our earrings are sold individually. If you prefer a pair, just select "pair" when choosing your quantity. But remember, not all our earrings are sold individually. We make it clear in the "Size & Information" section.

Jewelry Care

Q: How should I care for my jewelry? 

A: To maintain its shine, avoid contact with perfume, makeup, and harsh chemicals. Store it in a jewelry box or closed pouch when not worn. Clean gently with warm water and a mild solution. Remove before sleeping or engaging in activities to prevent damage.

Physical Store Inquiry

Q: Do you have a physical store? 

A: No, but you can easily contact us via email at to schedule an appointment for personalized assistance.

Order Pickup

Q: Can I pick up my order? 

A: Yes, you can. Email us at to schedule a pickup time and location.

Authenticity Assurance

Q: How can I be certain the gold and diamonds are genuine? 

A: Each piece undergoes meticulous inspection to ensure authenticity, including metal type verification, stone authenticity, and proper settings.

Warranty Information

Q: What about warranty? 

A: Enjoy a 3-month warranty on product quality after the initial 14-day period. Email us at for assistance. Note that warranty becomes void if the product is altered or misused. 

Hoop Size

Q: How do I know what size hoop earring I need?

A: Please check the measurements on the product page for the most accurate information. Here are some general tips:

  • Our 6mm huggie is a good fit for a 3rd or 4th lobe piercing and is often suitable for an upper helix if you prefer a snug fit.
  • The 8mm huggie will typically fit many 1st and 2nd lobe piercings, as well as being a good overall cartilage fit, providing a comfortable fit for many, including cartilage or upper ear piercings.
  • The 10mm huggie is perfect for the 1st and 2nd lobe piercings. If you have any specific questions about sizing, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

Image on Computer versus Mobile

Q: Why does the product image look different on my computer than on my phone? 

A: Keep in mind that every computer monitor has different settings, so colors and sizes may appear slightly different. This is due to the variations in display technology.

Personal Styling Advice

Q: Do you offer styling appointments or advice? 

A: We’re happy to offer styling advice via email as well as personal appointments in store for our local customers. Feel free to contact our in-house personal stylist at with any questions.