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Warranty and Complaints

a. CAPI Jewelry's warranty period is six months for manufacturing defects (damage resulting from usage is not covered by this guarantee). Evaluation of any warranty claim will be carried out by a goldsmith or another expert, and this process may take some time.

b. CAPI Jewelry shall not be held responsible for injuries or damages resulting from the use of any delivered item.

c. Any complaints must be submitted in writing within 10 days of delivery.

d. CAPI Jewelry will thoroughly review all complaints. If damage or malfunction is acknowledged, CAPI Jewelry may replace the affected item with a similar new item. In cases where such an item is no longer available, CAPI Jewelry will consult with you to find a suitable replacement.

e. Damage caused by improper use will be the responsibility of the customer, even if it occurs during the warranty period.

f. Repairs outside the scope of the warranty will only be carried out after receiving payment.