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  1. Warranty and complaints

    a. CaPi Jewelry applies the following warranty period: six months for manufacturing mistakes (damage caused by use does not fall under this guaranty). Assesment of any warranty claim will be made by a goldsmith or other expert and may accordingly take some time.

    b. CaPi Jewelry will not be liable for injuries or damage caused by the use of any item delivered.

    c. Any complaint should be submitted in writing within ten days after delivery.

    d. CaPi Jewelry will consider any complaint. If damage or malfunctioning is accepted CaPi Jewelry may replace the relevant item by a new similar item. If such item can no longer be delivered, CaPi Jewelry will consult you on a suitable replacement.

    e. Damage caused by inappropriate use will be for the account of the customer also if occuring during the warranty period.

    f. Repairs outside any warranty will only be effected after receipt of payment.